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Getting a branch

Below you will see the criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for the GM Position. Please reach out to your training manager with any questions or concerns.

What to expect

  • Branch Setup

    • Title : General Manager

    • Salary : $100,000 per year

    • Commission : 14%

    • Bonus : 10% NET Profit (paid annually)

  • Location Criteria

    • City Population : 150,000+  people

    • Direct Metro Population : 450,000+ people

    • Price minimum : $275+ per square (xactimate)

    • Final choices will be voted on by the American Roofing Company - Board

GM Training 

This is a very exciting and equally important part of this transition to GENERAL MANAGER! Over the next 9 months, we look to see if you have what it takes to run your own ARC Branch. Our goal is to get to know you well, see how you manage people, and more importantly get a glimpse of how you will run your own location. We take this opportunity very seriously and do not hand it out to just anyone. Some of the training you will endure may seem repetitive, unnecessary, or just plain easy. With some of those things potentially being true, they are set in place to develop you to be comfortable in any situation that you may come across at your own branch. We also want you to be familiar with the corporate office roles so you have a better understanding of how this company operates. Your team will rely heavily on you and your way of explaining things to them (that may seem very miniscule to you). 


You will need to set aside 5 consecutive days to train at the Corporate Office. You will get to tap in to the day to day that makes this company flow so efficiently. You can complete your corporate-office training anytime that you can make available, within your 9 month tenure. This training is to be done in the order as seen in the outline below (Corp-Office -> Production).

week 1.PNG

Once all that is complete, we want you to experience the hard-work of an OPM. You will follow that up with learning how to manage them and coordinate installs throughout a week, being the IPM. This will give you a new-found perspective of the production process and how to handle roofing crews and homeowners, properly.

week 2.PNG

Ready For What's Next?

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