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Trim and flashing are parts of a roofing system that can easily be looked over if you don’t know what you are looking at. Our goal is to teach you exactly that. When you look at a roof you will know exactly what is there and the parts that are working together to keep the homeowner in the dry. Keep in  mind that some products may be specific to northern climates and may not be required in your region. 

Exposed Fastener Accessories

You will need to be able to look at a roof and mentally create the roofing system you are planning on installing on the home. In order to do that you need a working understanding of that system and every piece that is used in it. Here you will see the types of trim you will run across when dealing with a typical corrugated metal roof. If you are to build an accurate material list you will need to know what materials are needed. So lets take a look at the accessories in a corrugated metal system.

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