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Uploading Checks

I will take a pic of the check and upload it to the correct branch after I logged all the info. I will go into the drive once it is uploaded and change the name of the check to the customer's name that is listed in Acculynx. A Lot of times the names on the checks aren't the names of the job in Acculynx. If you can't find the name I then search for the address that is listed on the check to see if I can find it that way. Once you locate the job you will apply the payment. Take a few minutes and watch the video below to see how to upload a check step by step. If you have any questions please let us know. 

Beacon Invoices 

You will log into Bill trust website and pull up the invoice in the branch that matches the invoice.

log into the correct branch in QuickBooks and pull up the po's & expenses.

You will then match the Po on the invoice to the PO on the spreadsheet and make sure the material matches and  then log all info in quickbooks. customers name, po number, amount, date due by. Once all this info is logged you will go back to the Po spreadsheet and hightlight it green to let us know that we have added it into quickbooks.

Closing Customers Accounts

You will see in the video below these steps in detail. Follow them closely and if you have questions please let us know. 

First, you will receive a message in Acculynx from someone in accounting. The Message will say " PIF - ready to close out" PIF - Paid in full. You will open the message and go to the progress tab of the spreadsheet and locate the customer's name. Scroll across the sheet and make sure that all of the info that is needed is in the spreadsheet. If the job has a warranty then you will go to the warranty tab and fill in the customer's information. You will log the date that you fill out the info on the progress tab. If the job does not have a warranty then put the date under final file verification. Once all information is there you will right-click on the number next to the Homeowners name and select hide row. Next, you will go to the customer in Acculynx and convert the customer to invoice. If you noticed the "PPS" dropped then you will post a message in Acculynx on the job but will not tag anyone. In the event that you find some information is missing on the progress tab that will prevent you from closing the job then put a message in Acculynx and tag Lane. Ask her to let you know when the sheet is ready. If you have questions feel free to reach out. 

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