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Applying Payments in Acculynx

payments will come in by mail, dropped off at the corp office, or uploaded in the Nash or Knox drive.

I will log info on the spreadsheet "collected checks" tab. Date,name,amount,check number, 1st payment or not.

I then go to Acculynx and apply the payment to customers account. I have to have all the info from the spreadsheet to apply the payment. once I apply the payment I then send lane a message in Acculynx letting her know that the payment of the amount has been applied and if the job is PIF i will let her know in the message and also log PIF on the spreadsheet as well.

Uploading Checks

I will take a pic of the check and upload it to the correct branch after I logged all the info. I will go into the drive once it is uploaded and change the name of the check to the customer's name that is listed in Acculynx. A Lot of times the names on the checks aren't the names of the job in Acculynx. If you can't find the name I then search for the address that is listed on the check to see if I can find it that way. *** Go into a little more detail than this. also, create the video of the process. 

Job Profitability 

for this, you have 3 spreadsheets. they are listed Job Profitability and then the name of the branch. you will log this info for all 3 branches.


customer name and initial $- you will get this info from the spreadsheet "collected checks" tab

Final $- you get this in acculynx once the job is completed and supplements are put in.

Supplements $-youhave to look at the contract worksheet in acculynx to get this amount.

Labor $ you get this info in quickbooks

dump $ you get this info in quickbooks

materials $ you get this info in quickbooks

accessories you look in the messages in the acculynx and cole will send a message with that amount.

*** Go into a little more detail than this. also, create the video of the process. 

Beacon Invoices 

You will log into Beacons website under the correct branch and pull up the invoice.

log into the correct branch in QuickBooks and pull up the po's & expenses.

You will then match the Po on the invoice to the PO on the spreadsheet and make sure the material matches and  then log all info in quickbooks. customers name, po number, amount, date due by. Once all this info is logged you will go back to the Po spreadsheet and hightlight it green to let us know that we have added it into quickbooks.

*** Go into a little more detail than this. also, create the video of the process. 

Closing Customers Accounts

You check the spreadsheet " collected checks" tab and look for any PIF logged on it. You will then pull up the account in Acculynx and make sure there is not a balance owed and that the job has been completed. Once all that is completed I will pull up the spreadsheet " progress tab" and make sure all info is noted. If the finalized PPS is lower than the initial PPS I will send a message in Acculynx stating the PPS came in lower than expected and list the amount it came in at. You then go back to the spreadsheet " progress" tab and check to see if they have a warranty. if so you then go over to the "warranty" tab and list the customer's info and address, once this is completed you go back to the progress tab and note the date the warranty is filed and go back to Acculynx and send Courtney a message saying to send over warranty info. Once that is done, you will go back to the progress tab and fill in the date that you finished up the account and then hide that line. Once that is done you then go into Acculynx and change the job to invoiced, once you do this you will then go back to the spreadsheet " collected checks" tab and highlight the PIF in light grey. 

 *** Go into a little more detail than this. also, create the video of the process.