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Job Approvals

Here you will follow along in each step of job approvals. Below you will watch a video that shows the process start to finish and then we will go into detail on a few of the more difficult task. This will be a lot of information so take your time. These steps will line up with "The Spreadsheet" and the steps on it for job approvals. There are numerous ways to know when a job is ready for approval: checks are turned in at the Corp office, pics of the checks are uploaded on the drive, by Nash or Knox, pics of the check are uploaded in Rooflink and they tag me or a pic of the check sent through Facebook messenger. Once we get that you then start the approval process. Remember to take plenty of notes and pause the video if you get a little lost. We suggest everyone watch these videos multiple times and then work through the process with their hiring manager several times before ever attempting to do it on your own. So let's get to these approvals! Good luck! 

Start to finish 

Let's Get Started

Applying a payment 

Ordering EagleViews

Verifying Warranties

The Progress Spreadsheet

The Contract Worksheet


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