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Congratulations On Your Newest Position 

Accounting Assistant 

***If you are doing this training for the first time you will skip this section 

In this section of training, we will cover your job description and exactly what your job will entail. 

Here we will do a basic overview of Acculynx and show you exactly what parts of the program you will be using. 

We are going to break job approvals down so that you can follow along easily. If you have questions let us know. 

Tracking and logging PO numbers will be a daily task you have to tackle. Here we will show what the PO log looks like and how to use the Facebook threads to issue PO numbers.

In this section, we will cover the sales numbers spreadsheet and show you have to log information into it. 

Here we will talk about how to apply payments in Acculynx, how to find job profitability and some other key parts of your position. 

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