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Accounting is responsible for processing payroll each week for all of the company branches. This will show you step by step how to complete payroll for each position. If at any time you have questions feel free to reach out to your manager. 

Corporate Pay 

The corporate office payroll consist of a mixture of salary employees and hourly employees. Here we will show you how to process the pay for the corporate office. 

OPM Pay 

OPM's are our Outside Production Managers. They Work closely with the homeowners and the crews during the day of the build. Essentially they are there to make sure everything goes smoothly and that the roof is installed to American Roofing's Standards. Here we will show you how to process their pay. If you have questions feel free to pause the video and ask questions. 

Sub Pay 

The roofing crews that we use here are all subcontractors. They get paid weekly and most get different amounts depending on the quality of their work and what city they are located in. In the video below we will show you exactly how to process sub pay. 

Salesman Pay 

We have salesmen all over the southeast. They knock doors to generate leads and then turn in the jobs to the corporate office for approval. You will not be approving these jobs but when it is time to pay them you will have to know what each salesman should be getting paid and how to read the spreadsheets that hold that information. In the video below you will see step by step how to process the salesman's pay. 

All Finished Up?? Move Forward Here!

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