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As the head of the accounting department, you will be responsible for supervising certain functions of other jobs. Here we will discuss those and show you what to look for in each department you supervise. As we go through this if you have questions please get with your training manager. 


As homeowners checks come in the accounting assistant will be approving the jobs. A part of that job is uploading the check into the drive and also logging the check into the checks tab on the spreadsheet. We will show you how to double check these things in the video below. 

Setting up Employees in QB

Quickbooks is used for payroll as you already know. So obviously we have to input each employee so their pay can be processed. Follow these steps closely and take plenty of notes.

Setting up Employees in timeclock wizard

Time clock is the third party program that we use to track time and work hours. This video will show you how to set up a new user in time clock. 

All Finished Up?? Move Forward Here!

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