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Welcome to The Family 

  American Roofing Company is changing the industry and changing the lives of its employees one by one! We build a life long relationship with our employees and genuinely want them succeed in life. We will give you all of the tools you need to be successful... YOU just have to use them. This industry is growing exponentially every year and we intend on being the name you know when you think roofing from coast to coast! You didn't just get a job... You became a vital part of a mission. The mission of this company is to change the industry by providing the best services with the best products. We only choose the most driven, positive and ambitious people to join our team. This career path will be like no other you have ever had. I want to formally welcome you both to this industry and to our family! - Mike Weaver (Corporate Manager) 

Training Overview

 We are so glad you have chosen to join us and look forward to seeing what we can all accomplish together. Anytime throughout training feel free to pause your video and ask questions! We want to make you successful! We want to help you maximize your potential! Remember that all throughout training you will see tests. Make sure to take notes! We try to cover everything we can in this training but of course, some things and situations will be missed so always ask questions! We are excited to see you grow in this business and can not wait to make a lot of money and make a lot of memories together! Good luck!

What is Expected

The Accounting department is the center of it all. Without accurate accounting, the company would completely fail. Here you will meet great people and some of the best in their industry but keep in mind we only work with the brightest minds of this day. We chose you because you either have the experience and attitude needed or you have the mindset of someone that will likely be able to go far in this company. We want you to be diligent in learning these processes but don't rush and miss crucial things. This job is probably one of the most important positions at American and accuracy alongside good communication is a must. As you become more experienced you will ways to improve on the systems we have and we are always looking for the next great idea that will help us all succeed. so if you ever think of an idea please share it! Those ideas from our employess are what makes this the crazy but very successful family it is. Good luck and Welcome to the family! 

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