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Collections are what it all comes down to. If we don't collect the money that is owed for a project then no one gets paid and the company fails. We do have a pretty basic process that we follow through the collections process. We will start at the beginning and work through each section in detail. Any steps that can not be adequately explained verbally will be videoed for you to review. If at any time in this section you feel a little lost, pause the video and reach out to your training manager. Take notes because again this is one of the most important parts of the job. 

The Collections Spreadsheet

Lets talk about adding homeowners to the collections spreadsheet...

Verifying Supplements are done

Once the job has been installed we have to verify that the supplements are done and find out exactly what all was approved. To do this you will reach out to the insurance relations department for verification that the jobs supplements process is complete so that we know what the final bill amount will be... 

Editing "The Spreadsheet" 

Once we have verified that the supplements are in fact all complete and approved we have to edit the numbers in the system to account for those changes.... 

"The Spreadsheet"

Submiting For Depreciation 

Once we have the job complete we will need to let the insurance company know that it is finished and to the hjomeowners satisfaction. Here we will discuss how to submit for depreciation...

Verifying the check has been released

Here we will discuss who to call and what to expect when you do call to verify that a depreciation check has been released to the homeowner...

Double-Check for Drip

Drip edge is a commonly installed product but sometimes it can not be installed for a number of reasons. In the video below you will see how to look at post-install pictures and determine if the drip was installed and how much. In the event that the drip was not paid for you will see how to credit that back on the CWS. If you have any questions please reach out! 

Sending a final invoice

When we finally have all of the numbers together...

Mortgage Co? Now what?

Some homeowners have a mortgage company involved in  their claim and we must fill out certain paperwork to process their claim...

Positive Collections

***Lane I have made this section to describe the process if we do not have to deal with any negative sides of the coin when dealing with a homeowner. 

The follow up call & notices 

Here we will talk about the follow-up calls for that final invoice and exactly when to send out the second and 3rd notices...

The Notice of Intent

Here cover the NOI and how to follow up with the postal service to see if the letter was signed for. Take some time and really go into detail on this. 

Filing a lien 

In this two part section you will see how...

Applying Fees for collections  

In this section we need a text description of how to apply these fees to the account and why its important and then a video below that explaining it in detail. 

All Finished Up?? Move Forward Here!