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Adding Users to Spotio

As an Account Admin, you can add or suspend users easily from SPOTIO’s web app. To complete the registration process for each user, you will need to provide their name, email address, and mobile number, as well as define their permission level and territory access. Adding users to Spotio will apply after the salesman has gone through their training with their Sales Manager and they have signed their first roof. At this time, they are ready to be out on their own and start receiving leads for their daily schedule. 


The email address should be the email address they use for work communications. The mobile number should be the mobile phone they will be using to access Spotio. A 4-digit code will be sent to this number via SMS/Text to complete the setup process.  You will also have to set the permission level and they are broken down into 3 parts: Sales, Manager, Account Admin. Sales will be your sales reps and they will be able to create new leads, change assigned leads, and see all leads within their assigned territory (this will be the main permission level you will be assigning). Managers will have full access to all leads and users within their territory. Account Admin (which is what you are) can change any and all company settings. 


Territory access is broken down into Global and Limited. Global is access to all leads, regardless of how they are assigned as a user. Limited means they are limited to the leads in their territory. You will be assigning users to the territory to match the branch they are working. A user can be assigned to multiple territories, if needed. If the rep is outside their assigned territory, or in an area where there is no territory, they will see “ghost” pin for leads that are currently being worked by another user.

How to

Adding a user into Spotio is a very easy task to accomplish.


  1. When you are logged into the web app, click the Create (+) symbol in the top left corner. 


  1. Click User.


  1. You will see a yellow box that says ADD USER, click it. Then you will see the information box on the right side of the screen. You will then at this time fill in their name, email address, phone number, permission level, and their assigned territory (branch). 

Once you have all of those areas filled in you will click INVITE. When you press Invite, it will send a message with instructions for the user. After 7 days the user will move from trialing to active. It will show the user pending until they activate their account. You can always resend the invite, if for some reason they did not receive it.

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