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Company Vehicles 

American Roofing Company makes it very easy to obtain a vehicle. With that ease being true, we hold our representatives highly accountable to take care of the vehicle and make sure they represent us well. 




  • Must keep it clean

    • We want our homeowners peaking into our vehicles and thinking about how organized and clean it is.

  • No Smoking

    • When we resale these vehicles (when the warranties expire), the smoke embedded in them will devalue them tremendously.

  • No Driving them for personal use

    • This is a work vehicle, not a substitute for your daily vehicle.

  • No Non-Employee can ride in the vehicle

  • No Non-Employee can drive the vehicle 


Vehicle Tiers



  • Oil MUST be changed every 5k miles 

    • Only full synthetic 

    • Receipts are to be given to the location GM 

  • Tires are to be replaced every 50k miles

    • They will be rotated every other oil change 

  • Quarterly Inspection 

  • Minor cosmetic damage

    • When small damages occur to your vehicle those are to be reported to your location GM 

  • When an at fault wreck occurs, we will consult with our insurance and make sure that you are still insurable.

  • A second at fault accident will result in your company vehicle driving privileges being removed. 

Defensive driving

  • If you are found to be driving erratically, your driving privileges could be revoked. 

    • A DUI in a company vehicle will result in revoked driving privileges and possible termination. 

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