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Lead Sales Manager (LSM) is more than just a title.  This role requires you to provide leadership. An effective leader is responsible for motivating and inspiring our people to engage with our company's visions for the future. We believe that you have what it takes to thrive in this role! Also, remember that this role is a stepping stone for your career at American Roofing Company (ARC). This position has been created to filter people into the General Management role! ARC wants to open locations across the country and we want you to be a part of it. Embrace this role like we have embraced you and hone in on your craft. This training may seem repetitive but it is a guide for you to have a successful future here at ARC.


Lead by example. Lead from the front. Think of when you were on a team of some sort, whether that be basketball, soccer, baseball, etc. You probably involuntarily followed one of two people, the coach, or the best/hardest-working player. Your brain may have chosen the coach because of their title, their skill in the sport, or their age. But I want to emphasize on the teammate that you had your focus on. You followed them because they were relatable, they more than likely were close to you in age, or maybe even played the same position as you. The involuntary reasons were  because they lead from the front, they did not have to ask you to work hard, you worked hard because they worked hard. They finished every sprint in first, they cheered the loudest when they were on the sidelines, and they listened to the coach better than everyone. Our point is, people will not follow you or work hard for you just because you got promoted to LSM. People will only follow if you LEAD the way!


Excitement is contagious. The sales role has a lot of ups and downs. As you know already, the downs can be tough to get through sometimes. Slumps can be contagious in this industry and can poison a branch's success. The LSM must be continuously excited to work and always be a light to their team. When a sales rep walks in with their head down after a hard week, the LSM needs to approach them and be optimistic about their scenario. New sales reps are extremely malleable, so they must have an excited leader to imitate.


Adjust. In a company that is constantly changing and trying to implement new systems and processes, being able to adjust is key. The LSM needs to be able to adjust faster than anyone. They need to be ready to learn new systems and be able to implement them to the team. Sales reps follow the LSM more than they follow the company. For example; If we introduce a new app to the company and the LSM doesn’t use it, the sales team will most likely not use it either. If the LSM downloads the app, practices using the app and then discusses it in the sales meetings over the next few weeks, then the whole team will be apt to using it.


Development is important in any leadership position. Now that you have been chosen for this role, you may have a pretty good idea of what key skills need to be sharpened. Things like reading, studying sales techniques, or even obtaining certifications are highly recommended to help assist in that sharpening. We take note of the LSM’s that are constantly trying to improve.

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