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In this training, we will cover a lot of information. We will cover the things that we do differently than other companies, how our pay works and the general requirements to work with us. We do expect the most out of our crews. We only use the best in the industry and we have chosen to work with you. If you have questions or concerns at any time let us know and we will be happy to work with you. Let's get started! 

Basic Requirements 

These basic requirements must be met and 100% satisfied for your approved partnership with American Roofing Company. Any requirements that are not met may result in your application process being denied. If you can not meet alll of these requirements please get with the Production Manager of your branch to see if you may still qualify. 

1: Must have a valid drivers license

2: Must have at least one English speaking crew member

3: Must carry current insurance ( This will be verified weekly prior to payment being issued)  

4: Must have gutter protectors/ Ladder arms

5: Must comply with all company policies

Dress Code

American Roofing Company tries to set the standard for professional roof installations and long-lasting quality. A big part of that image is the way that our crews and OPM's present themselves. For that reason, we have a basic dress code that is enforced for all roofing staff.


You and your crew members are never permitted to wear clothes promoting illegal substances or alcohol of any kind. If you are found to be in violation of this you will be given a warning for the first offense and for a second offense you will face possible termination of contract. 

Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. We understand that this type of work during the summer months can be very hot but we do ask that you never remove your shirt or shoes. This does apply while on the roof and on the ground during breaks. 

We want to remind you that proper safety is always the first priority. We ask that you meet all safety regulations set by OSHA while roofing for American Roofing Company. 

Smoking & Eating 

While on the job site there is never to be anyone smoking. We find that this is very unprofessional and represents the company in a poor manner. If you or your crew members smoke we ask that you leave the premises to smoke. 

Eating on the job site is permitted. However, along with that, we do ask that you NEVER throw your garbage in the dumpster that is provided. Often it can take a few days to pick up the trailer and often the leftover food will attract ants and other animals that will cause a lot of problems. All of your drink cans/ bottles should also be disposed of properly. Again, these should never be found on the Jobsite or in the trash from the project.

Any suspicion of alcohol consumption during the job is grounds for termination of contract. This includes cans and bottles being found on the job site. No form of alcohol will be permitted while roofing. 

Being on Time 

We like for our crews to get an early start when possible. This means you and your guys can get in and get it finished up before it gets too hot later in the day. Also, this is a sure sign that we are here to work for our homeowners. In the event that you will need to change the time you will start a project make sure that it is communicated to the Production Manager that assigned you the job well in advance. In the event that you will not be able to complete a project and have failed to give the manager at American Roofing Company at minimum at 48-hour notice then you will be charged a $200 cancelation or "no show" fee. This fee will then be given to the crew that fills in for you as a "fill-in" bonus. On that same note if you are able to fill in for a crew that was not able to make it to a job one day you will be given that $200 bonus. Just remember that communication is a huge part of this professional relationship. 

Install Practices

Here at American Roofing Company, we install our products a certain way. We do this to make sure that all roof installs are up to the most recent codes and to the highest standard. We will discuss a few different things in this section that you may not be used to with other companies you work with. 


The first is the drip-edge. We install drip-edge on the full perimeter. This is not a standard practice but we do install it if there is not a fascia metal installed with it built-in. If you have questions feel free to ask. 

The second install practice we want to discuss is the shingle installation process. We ALWAYS install shingles on a 45-degree angle no matter the type. This applies to both 3 tab and architectural shingles. 


Watch this video explaining shingle racking

Proper Installation 

We always install a true starter strip. If you ever run out of starter never use a three-tab as a starter. Just let the project manager onsite know and he will get you more material

On every roof, we always nail each shingle 6 times. This ensures that the wind rating by the manufacture is upheld. 

In the valleys, there are two things we want to make sure that you are aware of. The first is that we only use half rolls of Ice & Water shield in the valleys. We have found that it uses too much material to use full rolls and provides the same advantage.

The second thing is that we only do a California cut valley. You can see the examples below. 

images (1).jfif

Cut Valley

Woven Valley

Another practice that may be unique to this company is the fact that we have to document things with pictures. We take pictures of all drip-edge, ice and water shield, rotted decking and flashing. 

Flashing brings us to the last install practice we will discuss. Prior to replacing any step flashing or chimney flashing, we must have pictures of the existing product. If it is a type of flashing that will require you more labor than usual then we will negotiate a price PRIOR to the product being removed and replaced. 


Now let's cover the system we use for payment. Keep in mind that your insurance must be current each week when we are processing payments. They are checked weekly and if one is found to be expired then that check can not be issued. Here we pay Friday to Friday. Basically you get paid the week after your jobs are finished as long as there are no install issues. In the event that a repair is needed, you will be given the opportunity to fix the issue and if it is done quickly your pay will be released. However, if the project remains on the repair list or is deemed too big of a problem to be fixed quickly then your check will be withheld until the problem has been resolved and any cost that is directly associated with this repair will be removed from your check. If you have any questions regarding your payment please get with the Production Manager for the branch you work at. 


We have already discussed most of the issues surrounding repairs so we won't spend much time on the subject now. We do want to remind you that we understand you will have issues pop up but they should be rare occurrences. If you are having 1 repair a week then there is an issue that needs to be resolved but this is rarely the case. We work the highest quality roofers in the industry and that's why we have chosen you! Congratulations and we are excited to work with you! 

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