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Your crews are going to be either your biggest asset or your biggest problem. We only allow fully insured roofers to install for us and they must do a quality job. If you see the pattern that a crew regularly does not show up or has more repairs than most you will need to find another crew to replace them. You have to remember that these crews are representing not just our company but are representing you. Every morning you will want to call every crew that is scheduled to work that day. You need to verify that they are all either on the job site already or are on their way. Make sure that they have their trailer if they were supposed to bring their own and if not arrange for either a roll-off dumpster to be dropped or a company trailer delivered. In the event that a crew does not show up remind them that they will be fined $200 for the "no-show" and that the money will be given to the crew that fills in on the job. If a crew has 5 "no-shows" in a 3 month period they are to be terminated immediately. If a crew can not make it to the job call your other crews that are not working that day and see if someone can fill in. Don't forget to mention that a $200 bonus for the last-minute phone call! In the event, you are unable to get another crew to the job site quickly or at all that day you should always call the homeowner and notify them of the situation. NEVER bash a crew to a homeowner. Remember that the crews represent us and therefor when you bash them you are bashing the company. Apologize and let them know that there were some issues this morning and you are not able to find another crew just yet. Of course, you will keep trying and let them know if you can get someone out there quickly but if that is not possible you will call later that day to reschedule their install.  

Adding crews to Rooflink

You will need to add your crew to rooflink as well as remove crews you are no longer using.

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