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Congratulations On Your Newest Position 

Sales Trainer

Congratulations on becoming our latest ST! We work hard on finding the best talent in the industry. We look for those people that have the little spark within them to push harder and faster. The Sales Trainer program gives those people the opportunity to challenge themselves and move toward the front of the heard more quickly! We give you the freedom to start hiring your own team and that team will be yours to compete against the sales managers teams. If you and your team out sell the competition then you will get the opportunity to move to the sales manager position more quickly. 

Now What?

Now that you have become a Sales Trainer it is time to start building your team! Below this section you will see how the competition will look. You will be competing against the sales manager's revenue in sales. If you successfully beat any other sales manager's revenues for three months consecutively then that sales manager will be removed from his position and you will assume his sales team. So you can advertise, talk to friends or hand out flyers. it doesn't matter but if you build a successful sales team of just two people beside you then you are in the fight. Below you will see how the competition looks on paper. 

Sales Manager System.png

ST Bonus Qualifications 

The first qualification is that you must have two trained salespeople on your team (Three People Total).

The second qualification is that each sales rep must carry a revenue average of $60,000 in sales.

How to Hire Your Team

You can use recruiting tools from online services such as Indeed or Facebook to find new team members. You will follow a process similar to the one you went through when you started. You will explain the position and explain the income possibility that comes with the position. If they seem interested then you will get their basic information and send it to your branch manager. The branch manager will add the new hire to a spread sheet that corporate uses to start the onboarding process. For your new hires to go through training and officially be on board you will send their name, phone number and email to your branch manager. We will take it from there. As the training progresses you will receive calls from the HR dept. at the corporate office about how the trainee is doing and making sure they are receiving the hands on training every new member is supposed to receive. 


We will review your team's performance every three months to see how you have stood up against the challenge. If you have any questions or concerns about the ST project feel free to reach out to your branch manager. 

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