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Standing Seam 




In this section we will cover a trim detail known as drip edge. Drip edge serves to create a water tight seal were water will run off the roof. Typicall you will see this trim running off into a gutter and other times simply over the edge of the home. The idea is water will flow over the roof panels folded edge and down the drip edge which will divert it away from the fascia. Below you will see an example of how this flashing is installed. We will see when during the installation the drip edge is attatched, how to properly do so.


Key Points

  • Installed with pancake screws 

  • The screws should be spaced 8” apart 

  • The screws should be staggered and not too close to either edge of the trim


When getting ready to measure for your drip edge remember to always allow at least an inch on the ends for your folds and also allow for 4” - 6” over lap of each section. ​You will follow the perimeter of the home taking measurements of each section. Remember that an eve is horizontal and a rake is vertical. These two facets are commonly confused. After you have your true measurements you will want to consider just how “cut up” the roof is. If this home has a lot of twist and turns then naturally more cuts will be made and with every cut you have the potential of losing material. If the project is a single gable home with two eve lengths totaling 54’ then you shopuldnt have much wast. But we will get into what you will do with those measurements next.

Key Points

  • 4”-6” over lap 

  • Eves = Horizontal 

  • 10’ stick



Now that you have gathered all of your eve lengths and considered the cut level of the home you are ready to figure up just how much you will need to order. Drip-Edge comes in 10 foot sticks and can come in different sizes. The different sizes are to allow for gaps between the fascia and roof line. Especially on older homes you will see that sometimes the standard 2” drip may just not be wide enough to give you proper water shed. In that case you will figure you’re measurements exactly the same only when you place the order you will request a 3” or 4” drip. Drip-Edge will come in 10’ sticks usually. So if you have that same total eve length of 54’ then you will order 6 sticks. When you are figuring your material list don’t forget that you will over lap each piece Al least 4”. This can make a difference when you are order 212’ of drip edge and below i will show you to do that math.

212 divided(iPad doesn’t have division siymbol) 10’ 

21.2 sticks of drip. Keep in mind that anything over a whole piece of drip edge means that piece will have a lap as well. So we will have 22 4” laps. Next we multiply 22 by 4 to get 88”. Now we know we have 88 inches worth of overlap now we divide that by 12 to get 7.3 feet. Now we add that back to the total of 212’ and we have 219’ 4”. If we don’t have a lot of cuts to make then maybe 220’ would be ok. But keep in min d that these products aren’t something you can just ru n to home depot and pick up like a bundle of shingles. Go ahead and figure for an extra piece. 

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