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Purchase Orders

A purchase order or PO number is used to assign expenses to a particular job. So every time materials are bought for a job or tools for production vehicles are bought you will issue a PO number and that number will be placed on the appropriate place on the PO log. In this section, we will show you the PO message threads and then show you how to log the PO numbers as you issue them. Pay close attention and take notes. These numbers can not be messed up or you will have a lot of skewed reports. 

PO threads

In the video below you will see an overview of the PO message threads. You will use these threads to issue the PO numbers. You will see that each branch has its own thread for you to issue the numbers but keep in mind that the number is not branch specific so if you issue PO number 3756 for a job in Nashville and then the next request is for one in Kennesaw then it will be 3757. Take notes and ask questions if you feel confused in anyway. 

The PO Log 

Now that you have seen the PO threads we will show you the PO log. This is where you will document each PO number that is issued so that the expenses can be applied to each job. 

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