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Doing taxes will be a big part of your job. Here we will cover several different fillings that you will be doing and show you how to do them correctly step by step. 


DOL taxes will be done quarterly. Pay close attention to this video and take notes. If at any point you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your training manager.

GA Quarterly 

The GA withholding tax will be done every quarter of the year. Again pay close attention and take notes! 

GA Monthly 

This section will cover GA's monthly tax implications. 

940 Payment 

The quarterly 940 payment will be explained step by step here and then we will move on to the 941. Take Notes.

941 Filing 

This section will cover how to file the quarterly 941.

941 Payment 

This section will cover the payment process for the 941. This will be done quarterly alongside the filing of the 941. If you have questions please feel free to reach out. 

All Finished Up?? Move Forward Here!

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