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Misc. Task 

In this section, we will cover the miscellaneous task that you will be asked to complete. These tasks involve interacting with others in the company, meeting requests of homeowners and how to handle financing. If you ever have any questions feel free to get with your training manager. 

Following up on repairs

When you are a large company and do a lot of volume you will have errors. It is just the nature of the business. Even though we do take every precaution beforehand to prevent these mistakes they do still happen and when they do our production team goes above and beyond to correct these issues. We do not collect money from an unhappy customer until the issue is resolved. You will work with production for the branch associated with the project to find out if the needed repairs are complete so the homeowners can be billed for them. Often a concession is made to the homeowner for the damages caused or for the inconvenience. This dollar amount will be negotiated by the production head of that branch and then you will be notified through acculynx about the dollar amount. Below you will see a video showing you how every change and concession should be made. Keep in mind sometimes we don't hear of any issues until it comes time to pay that bill. We never want to assume that the homeowner is lying. It is only your job to inform production. Once all steps to make the homeowner happy have been taken and they refuse to pay still the file will need to be passed on to a billing manager of the corporate office who will then decide how to proceed. Take a minute to watch the video below that will show you how to add these concessions to the CWS. 

Doing detailed invoices

Sometimes customers just can't exactly understand what an invoice means in relation to their insurance summary report and we have to build a detailed invoice that goes with the summary line by line breaking down where each dollar is going. In the video below you will see exactly how this is done. 

Sending checks back 

Here describe in detail when you have to send a chack back to the homeowner and how you do it. 

Helping to finance homeowners

Take your time here explain this in detail and then video the process