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Xactimate & Estimates

Writing estimates is one of the main responsibilities of the insurance department. These estimates are written on every single project and for several different reasons. The two most prominent are for supplements and for re-adjustments. Below we will show you exactly how to build out these two types of reports in detail. After we cover how to build out these we will review estimates to verify a complete scope prior to repairs. Take your time and take plenty of notes because this will be a large part of your regular responsibilities. If you have any questions please let your training manager know. We are happy to help. 

Xactimate File Setup and Importing EagleView Sketches

In this video we review how to setup each Xactimate file with homeowner information as well as importing the EagleView roof diagram into the estimate to begin the supplement creation.

Creating Supplements in Xactimate

This video will walk through the in-depth steps of creating a supplemental estimate for submission to the insurance company.  We review the roof sketch, utilizing Xactimate macros, tweaking the estimate to reflect the items present on the roof, and exporting the estimate for submission to the insurance companies. 

Submitting Supplements 

In this video we will prepare an email with our created supplemental estimate to submit to the insurance companies.  We will review where to obtain the contact information for submission, what attachments to include (pictures, documents, etc.) and the template for the body of the email.

Great Job! Your Done

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