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Proper communication with a homeowner is the single most important thing that we do during the install process. Keeping the customer informed with an open dialogue can solve and prevent problems or misunderstandings. When homeowners have an issue or concern no matter how big or small you are there to guide them and help them understand the process. This industry is one that is not well understood by most and therefor can be quite scary for someone that is taking on this size of project for the first time. Most only have the knowledge they have gained from others and you will find that a lot of said information is incorrect. So not only are you there to solve issues but you are there to educate. You will use your knowledge and understanding to assist homeowners all while managing a team of the best outside production managers you can find. The key to success for a seamless install is just as simple as one phone call. If at anytime you have questions or concerns feel free to pause the video and reach out top your training manager. We are here to help you build a career. 

Making Those Calls

Once you have entered all of the previous days jobs into sub pay its time to make sure that your homeowners are happy and that it is ok to pay the crews. By now it should not be too early and is the perfect time to start making those calls. When you call the homeowner ask them how the build went... was there anything we could have done differently to make the process easier for them or can they give any suggestions for improvement. This phone call is very important. We set ourselves apart here at American by remembering that no construction project is ever perfect when you are the homeowner. We are trying to change that and set a new standard of quick, clean and quality workmanship. If the homeowner is happy then you can move the job to completed in acculynx and remove the red from sub pay. You will also need to find out information from the homeowner such as is the trailer/dumpster still on the property? If it is then you will need to arrange to have this picked up as soon as possible and remind the OPM to roll under the trailer with a magnet once it has been moved. Check out the video below of the process when the homeowner is satisfied and then we will talk a little bit about what to do in the event that they are not. 

What if there was an issue?

In the event you call a homeowner and they have had an issue apologize to them and let them know you will get it taken care of. We always give the crew that did the job the first chance to correct the problem. It is only right that before we pay someone else to correct the issue and remove it from the crews pay that we give them the opportunity to fix it. While on the phone with the homeowner ask them when the best time would be for you to have the repair completed. When you know the most ideal time for them reach out to the crew and let them know that the repair must be completed before pay will be issued for the job. If the crew can not or will not correct the issue then you will need to find a replacement crew to do the repair and remove what they charge for the repair from the original installers pay. Until the repair is complete it should remain red on sub pay. If another crew has to complete the repair then you will add the job to sub pay wit-holdings. Check out the video below that will show you exactly what to do in the event a homeowner isnt 100% satisfied.

All Finished Up?? Move Forward Here!

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