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Day to Day 

In this section, we will discuse your day to day responsibilities. If you have any questions regarding these responsibilities please reach out to your training manager. 

Sales Meetings

  • The LSM is responsible for picking up breakfast for the team.

    • Submit the receipt for the food to Emily Green via FB Messenger.​

  • Arrive at the office 30 minutes before the start of the meeting to prep.

    • ​Clean the office

    • Print off the meeting handout

  • When the meeting starts, write out the sales numbers for the week on the white board for the whole team to see.

    • ​This data will be in the spreadsheet labeled “Sales Numbers-(Location)”

    • For reps that did not meet their quota (3 claims/signings), be sure to pull them aside and discuss a game plan to get them back on track.

      • ​Discuss their spiel at the door and make sure they get back to the basics, which is knocking 300 doors in a week!

  • Go through your prepared meeting notes and make sure the team feels that they can ask any questions!

  • Go through rebuttal practice with everyone

  • After you cover the sales numbers for the week, post a picture in the main thread

The Interim Boss

  • The LSM is more than just a manager, they’re more like an interim GM!

    • They need to be fully accessible to all sales managers and all sales reps.

    • They need to be the new voice of the branch for the GM. 

  • The LSM is the practice role to be the next GM. 

    • “Passing the test” would be maintaining the branch's current growth and/or doing better than how it is currently performing.

Ready For What's Next?

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