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Exposed Fastener panels are your common residential metal roof. They are a great option for someone who wants the look and efficiency of a metal roof without the high cost of hidden fastner systems. This high quality product offers a beautiful and maintenance free roofing solution.  

Exposed Fastner


Review the specs below to get a better understanding of the different materials used on a metal job. We will dive further into the most used materials and how to measure for them in the next section. By clicking the arrows on the left and right side of the screen you can navigate this short manual for the products that are typical for an exposed fastener system. As you review these pages be sure to take in depth notes as some details will be on your exam. Take your time and really absorb all you can. 

Specs Manual


This guide has shown you all of the specific measurements for proper spacing, lapping and general application. Knowing how each of these trim accessories is vital to understanding how a roof will go together when you are looking at the home. If you know what transition flashing is, why and how it is used. Then when you go to quote a project and see a transition you will mentally be able to see the application of flashing so you can be sure you haven’t forgotten anything. If you are ready lets move on. 

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