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Bookkeeping can seem overwhelming if you don't have much prior experience. However, we try to give you all of the tools and knowledge you will need in order to properly keep the books in order. If you ever have any questions you can ask your accounting supervisor and they will gladly assist you in any way they can. 


This video will take you through the steps necessary to pay a bill through QuickBooks. If at any time you have questions feel free to reach out. 

How to pay a car payment

Here we will discuss how to make an auto payment for the company. If you have questions feel free to reach out. 

Building Payments

As a part of the accounting department you will be responsible for making the building payments for all branches. Here we will show you step by step exactly how to process these payments. If you have questions feel free to reach out. 


In this video we will discuss bank feeds. If you have questions get with your training manager. 

Depositing Checks

Depositing checks is not a difficult task but is one that has to be done properly. Follow along closely and take plenty of notes 

Reports & Invoicing 

In the videos below we will show you a few of the basic reports and how to run them. Then after that, you will see how to invoice the branches. This will be a process you need to work with your manager on step by step. 

All Finished Up?? Move Forward Here!

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