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Communication with your sales reps is number one. You have to have daily communication with your reps to use Spotio to its full potential.


Each morning you will create a message to send through each Sales Manager’s thread to find out the rep’s schedule for the day. You want to know when they will be out knocking, possibly where they will knock for the day, and if they have appointments lined up for the day. 


Message examples:

“Good morning guys! Please let me know when you will be out knocking and what areas you plan to be in today. Make sure you have Spotio open and I will be sending leads. Have a great day!”


“Hey guys! Please let me know your schedule for the day and what time you will be  knocking. Let me help make this a productive day for you. “ 


“Hey! Let me know what areas you will be out knocking in today, so I can send leads your way. Please have your Spotio app open when you are out and about. If you have appointments and need leads for later in the day I can do that, too. Thanks!” 


As a dispatcher for Spotio, you will be checking the map on the Spotio web page frequently. If you notice a salesman is out dropping pins, you can send that individual salesman a message letting him know you saw that he was out and dropping pins and you will be sending him leads based off of his Spotio location.


Sometimes your salesman will call/message you that their schedule has changed for the day and they need new leads. That is not a problem at all, just simply ask them to provide you with the new area or address and you can create new leads for them. 


If you are having trouble getting intouch with a salesman or having a lack of communication between the two of you, you will need to reach out by calling the sales manager to see if they have heard from the person because they should be having daily communication with them as well. 


Your goal is to help each salesman to be successful out in the field by assisting them in finding new leads and territories to “knock out”!

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