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The Day Before The Install

In this section, we will cover the things that you will do the day before the install takes place. If at any time you have questions feel free to reach out to your training manager and I am sure they will be more than happy to help you. Take your time and take plenty of notes. Good Luck!

Loading Accessories

When it comes to loading materials from our lot (also commonly called sides) you have to make sure that the in/out form is used properly. When an IPM gives you a project in Rooflink it will have the material list (OPM OUT) and the contract. You will go to the lot and collect the things listed on the in/out form and then. Once you have done this take the materials to the project and unload them for the and sign off on it as well. Once the order is signed off on take the in/out form and make a copy of it and place it in the "battery box" of the trailer. (You will only do this if you are in a branch that OPM's do not pull their own trailers. Make sure to snap a picture of the material in the trailer and of the in/out sheet then upload it in Acculynx for the project showing the form is fully filled out and signed by your direct supervisor. If you have any questions about filling these orders get with your IPM so that they can walk you through it step by step.

The Intro Call

Communication is one of the biggest factors that sets this company apart from the rest in the industry. The day before the install OPM's MUST call their homeowners to introduce themselves and let them know that the trailer will be dropped that day for the install the following day. Making sure that the homeowners understand exactly what we are going to be doing and answering any question they may have can save you a lot of headaches later on. If you can't reach the homeowner always send them a text and ask them to give you a call when they can. You are assigned a project when you are given the work-order and so it is your responsibility to ensure that the homeowner is satisfied and understands the process clearly until the COC is signed and the crew is ready to be paid. They should understand who you are and that you will be in and out throughout the build. Check out this list of questions that should be answered on EVERY day before call​

  • Will you be home or available by phone tomorrow during the build? In the event that bad decking is found, I will need to be able to reach you to let you know.

  • Are there any special areas of concern that you have that i can pay extra attention to? 

  • Will you be home later in the evening when we start to finish up? I would really like to walk you around the project and make sure that you are happy. 

  • Are there any questions you have for me? 

I have to remind you of the importance of this call. Homeowners do not like surprises and the only way to prevent surprises is to communicate, communicate and then communicate. If you have any questions related to this process get with your IPM and they will gladly assist you in any way possible.

Calling The Crew

The day before the install you have to call the crews and verify that they know exactly what jobs to be at making sure that they are still coming. If you have a crew that says they won't be able to make you need to call your IPM IMMEDIATELY so that they can try to find a replacement crew to complete the project. The crew has a 48-hour window to let us know that they will not be able to do the job without penalty. inside that the window they will be charged and the replacement crew will be given the fee that is removed from the "no-show" crew's next check. If you have a crew that doesn't show on the day of build notify your IPM and let them instruct you on how to handle the homeowner. This is also a very important part of the day before the process and can NOT be overlooked. Remember this is all part of the communication that we have already talked about. 

All Finished Up?? Move Forward Here!

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