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Congratulations On Your Newest Position 

Inside Production Manager

***If you are doing this training for the first time you will skip this section 

Here we want to introduce you to the company and let you know exactly what to expect. Welcome to the family!

Before we dive in deep we want to cover all of the basics. This will include terms and valuable information you will need as you progress.

In this section, we will cover what you will be doing in the CRM If you have any questions please get with your hiring manager. 

Managing crews will be a big part of your job. Here we will cover exactly what to do on a regular basis when dealing with crews!

You will be working on sub pay as projects finish. This will have to be right so take your time on this and take notes. 

OPM's are on the front lines every day with the crews and homeowners. They are your eyes and ears on the job site. Here we cover OPM's. 

If your branch houses material then you will be asked to take this training on maintenance of the lot and other procedures. 

When it comes to customer service on the production side the IPM of the branch is always the go-to man. So let's talk about dealing with customers!

You will have some responsibilities to fulfill that will involve corporate involvement. Here we will discuss those responsibilities in detail. 

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